In my opinion, Our priority is to be the best we can be to one another; for the sake of happiness and longevity. That means we shouldn’t be covering up the raping of children in catholic schools. Seems counter-productive to the first point.

That’s why I write. People write everyday about something that pissed them off. I wanted to join them. This god guy pissed me off.

This is foremost a project for myself. I have a passion for (political) journalism and secular foundations, and this is just a way to share that love. I know it didn’t sound like love in the first paragraph, but you would be mistaken. I want people to know about the dark underbelly. The alley you never were told to avoid. The exodus you never read. 

I won’t play with roses around you like other articles, and we will cut right down to the matter. That’s what I hope to do here with the Razor. Cut deep.

But really, it’s practice for meeting deadlines. I am working on a degree in Journalism from the University of North Texas. Thank you for the visit. If you liked something you read, please let me know. If you didn’t, all the same comrade.