Love thy chains.


I promise that political bits will find their way into these papers. There is more than enough hate to churn out over the bubbling cauldron that is not only the trump administration, but a myriad of other organizations ruining this country. However, These topics strike me as easy targets if I am brutally honest with you. Everyone is cutting off a generous cut of the political pie these days. That doesn’t mean I don’t love to discuss these matters in the form of a good article. But it would be a disservice to you, the reader, should I leave you in the dark over the real meat of my writing. As an antitheist, my true objective lies in exposing some of the darker truths that the religious community would try to not only explain away, but hide from you. Call me biased if you must, these writings will come from not only personal experience, but the facts and very quotes from their precious teachings and books. I want everyone to realize that this is not a teaching of love and acceptance. It is a totalitarian monstrosity to stand behind, and you should be ashamed for condoning it.

Jumping the gun with that last statement, aren’t I? Alright, I’ll cool the jets a touch. Let’s start off with a little history from my side.

Everyone gives themselves permission to behave absurdly when religion is mentioned. – Christopher Hitchens

As a child, I believed I would be going to a celestial home to be with the entirety of my family for an unending reunion amongst the other members of a “saved” fellowship of believers. I can still remember the thoughts of angelic harmony with the lost ones I so dearly missed, singing praises and laughing merrily as we all joined together for a blissful eternity. It wasn’t until I was a bit older that these turned into a fear of the idea. A never-ending moment in time suspended with the saved, churning my stomach at the very thought. I started to lie awake in bed at night, turning at the very intrusive thought of this dream that used to bring me so much peace. Painfully, my faith was being tested with each passing moment. The older I grew, the more the suffering endured. I was inching closer and closer to an eternal prison I would never be allowed to retire from. I was frightened to the very core, and it shook me in ways that I still feel rattle my bones today. It’s such a delicate and cruel thing to fracture a child’s mind with imagery of unfathomable circumstance.

My father tried to ease my pain by stating that these thoughts were pointless in regard to what heaven would be like, as being unsatisfied in our god given home would be simply impossible. In this place, the mere idea of dissatisfaction or fear would mean nothing, as they are no longer existent in the realm of heaven according to the bible. This paradise was a place of true jubilation and tranquility, never an unhappy moment gracing the thoughts of any who were granted access. I listened and understood what he was trying to convey, yet his words still fell onto a sunken heart filled with woe. I couldn’t understand, not to mention comprehend why anyone would want to sacrifice a state of mere nothingness to be awake for an infinite duration only to praise a being you know nothing about. My family was absolutely smitten with this god fellow, wanting nothing more than the life promised to them once they finally check out. Nights spent alone in thought over the confusion of life grew and grew with each new year.

This lead me to believe that there must be some kind of deep rooted need to be enslaved or dominated as a christian believer. Why else would you willingly subject yourself to an eternal life of servitude to a megalomaniacal villain who gets off on how much you are willing to do for him? You can’t convince me using an argument for his good deeds and well-mannered heart. The other half of my deep-rooted fear as a young boy would love to disagree with that very point. If the heaven bit didn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps the alternative would. Any god willing to send someone who doesn’t want to do things his way straight to a bloodbath of fire and torture can most certainly not be considered good in any sense of the way. A good being would have never conjured up the idea to create such a ghastly punishment in the first place, don’t you agree? If your idea of just punishment involves the roasting of a decent person that believed the universe was created in more than 6 days, we will just have to agree to disagree. If you ask me, going to heaven or hell would be torture all the same.




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