Weekly paper, he said.

If you haven’t noticed, It took me a bit longer than seven days to churn out another post. I earnestly hope no-one was waiting with bated breath for the next addition to this project, as I would have failed you. I would like to emphasize my poor ability to keep a schedule, hoping to correct and improve this fault using my blog. I’m sure you know the feeling that summer plagues us with at a young(er) age. The sun rays cooking the beach with inviting calls to get into the water. School taking a backseat for a couple of months, allowing students to socialize without the pressure of finishing that essay. You catch my drift. It’s the lazy months of the year, but I should have been harder at work. Especially with all of the juicy new info that’s been slung over my table these recent months.

There is so much to cover. Trump, for starters, has had two landmark meetings with separate countries that I would just relish in exploring.

Immigration was a hot button topic on my phone’s news alert the entire month of June, giving me some ghastly pictures and eye-opening truths over what’s happening in the very state I live in.

And to top it all off, Kennedy left an empty spot in the Supreme Court. The nominee that was chosen by our favorite idiot is in no way a step in the correct direction, and it stirs me up in ways I would love to spell out for you.

Please take this short post as an apology, for I am failing all of you. I must be more diligent if I wish to claim to be so passionate. I recently got a new job, and it has been keeping me busy. However, I am never too busy to speak my mind and it’s about damn time I write that way. I was shocked with the amount of likes my first post received. Every time my phone buzzed with a new notification, the heart within my chest buzzed along with it. I appreciate every single like and comment I get, no matter the opinion or concern.

Thank you for sticking around if you did. This post is under 500 words, leaving the lot of you likely hungry for an entire plate of reading rather than this tiny morsel. I know humans in general have a short attention span, but I could try harder, right?! I’ve got some real good stuff churning in the ol’ crock pot I call a brain. I hope your ready for a full meal this next time around. I’ll do my best not to disappoint.

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