A terse introduction

The first post. The landmark moment when it all began. Two small steps, right?

Nah, This is just going to be a weekly paper I write about things that interest/upset me. I need to build a writing portfolio, and boy, is this the way. The goal here is to treat this as not only an online persistent schedule to coach myself into better writing patterns, but also as if I were working for the times (or any other great production). But I didn’t want to conjure up some impersonal label. It needed to mean something to me. That’s why I’m going to call this little project “The Razor.”

I name it this in honor of the late Christopher Hitchens, coining a usage of his own epistemological razor asserting that the burden of proof regarding the truthfulness of a certain claim lies with the person that initially makes the claim. If the burden can’t be met, the claim is then considered unfounded, negating the need to argue further in order to dismiss it. So basically, That which can be asserted without any proof can be just as easily dismissed without proof.

That said, thanks for giving me a shot if you have. I will be using great reference websites for my writing and I will likely make a reference page for all that I use.

I’m excited to start this off! Hopefully you’re reading this at the bottom of a large stack of web articles.




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